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“Fine Tuned: The Downfall of Linkin Park” (

So it appears that Linkin Park is back on the scene for the first time since Transformers become ‘cool’ again. Linkin Park always sets in a certain feeling of nostalgia for me. I remember sitting in my room as an angst-ridden young 7th grader assembling my first stereo system, anxious to put in my first CD- Hybrid Theory. From the second I closed that six-disc changer I was blown away by the flawless combination of turntables and charged alternative rock. Aside from everyone’s auditory wet dream, In the End, Points of Authority quickly became my favorite teenage jam. Something about the concept of a “Hybrid Theory” just worked for them. Of course the 90’s had been heavily saturated with other rap/rock counterparts, but Linkin Park hit the nail right on the head. And yes, despite what anyone tells you, Reanimation was an awesome album. Soon after, the much anticipated follow up, Meteora, hit the scene. Another flawless release in my personal opinion. In this album they utilized the individual talents of both Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington more extensively on separate tracks. That disc was a solid cover-to-cover listen that stayed planted in my Walkman for a strong few months.