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“Wearing The Right Hat: The Dangers of Unethical SEO” (Response Marketing Blog)

Trying to get discovered? In online marketing, no tool is greater than the advertising generated by a high PageRank on the almighty Google. By delivering what it determines to be the highest quality pages to its users, Google’s search rankings serve as the ultimate form of testimonial to your website. But what determines “quality?” This is the question that search engine optimizers have been working on professionally for years.



“Transcending Aid: Social Relief Efforts in the Japan Tsunami Crisis” (Respone Marketing Blog)

In the wake of one of the largest natural tragedies since the earthquakes of Haiti, people around the globe are constantly searching for ways in which they can assist the survivors of the devastating Tsunami in Japan. The wall of water destroyed and displaced thousands of families, leaving over 7,000 dead and 17,000 missing (according to Japan’s National Police Agency). Those remaining wander the wreckage in search of food, shelter, and hope of finding their missing loved ones.


“Tweet Me! Valentine’s Day in the Twittersphere” (Response Marketing Blog)

Can you hear the love bird chirping? This Valentine’s season, the classic candy of our hearts has taken a leap into the new age of expression: Twitter. NECCO has added two new phrases to their Sweethearts brand this spring that capture our modern ways of showing our love. This year, the phrases “Tweet me” and “Text me” can be found in boxes of the candy manufacturer’s loveable heart-shaped wafers for all to share. Of course this isn’t the first form of digital communication that has been added to the candy. As the internet rose to popularity and higher social usage, the message “E-Mail Me” was added to keep up with the new millennium. All of the above now makes the classic “Fax Me” seem like a relic of an age since passed.