“Tweet Me! Valentine’s Day in the Twittersphere” (Response Marketing Blog)

Can you hear the love bird chirping? This Valentine’s season, the classic candy of our hearts has taken a leap into the new age of expression: Twitter. NECCO has added two new phrases to their Sweethearts brand this spring that capture our modern ways of showing our love. This year, the phrases “Tweet me” and “Text me” can be found in boxes of the candy manufacturer’s loveable heart-shaped wafers for all to share. Of course this isn’t the first form of digital communication that has been added to the candy. As the internet rose to popularity and higher social usage, the message “E-Mail Me” was added to keep up with the new millennium. All of the above now makes the classic “Fax Me” seem like a relic of an age since passed.

At the core, Sweethearts and Twitter aren’t that different. Both the social media platform and the sugary delight craft themselves in the art of short expressions. This trend translates to an immense prospect of consumer engagement and is increasing Twitter’s number of business users at an exponential rate. American Greetings, the household name in Valentine’s Day cards, also took to the Twittersphere this past Valentines Day. The company launched a campaign on February 1st where they tweeted a different love-related question every day through February 12th. A winner was selected each morning from the responses collected and they were given quite a generous prize. The chosen Romeo or Juliet received a $100 retail gift card and a $250 cash card. Now that’s something we could all fall in love with.

Other companies such as Rina Limor Jewelry and Hershey’s also decided to ask people to share their burning emotions through the art of a Tweet. By sharing your warmest Valentines Day memory@RinaLimor, lovers were automatically entered to win a $950 sapphire heart necklace. If chocolate is more your flavor, Hershey invited fans to share their favorite treats for a chance to win an array of prizes.

For simply chatting about your feelings this Valentines Day, you may have fallen in love with some sweet rewards!

View on the Response Marketing Blog – 2/17/11


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