Album Review – Monty Are I “Break Through The Silence” (

Monty Are I

It isn’t very often that I feel I can listen to an album straight through and actually enjoy every track. However Monty Are I certainly breaks that trend with their newest album “Break Through The Silence,” which was released on Sept. 22nd. Monty Are I was a band started and based in Cranston, RI under their first name, Monty’s Fan Club. At the start, they were a popular ska band in the local music scene. As their name grew, they were eventually signed as Monty Are I by Island Def Jam Records and released their first official major label CD, “Wall of People,” in 2006.

Along with the name change, the sound of the band also changed drastically, encompassing their past ska roots with a new, heavier edge. The end result produced an original, anthemic sound not often heard in the alternative rock genre. “Wall of People,” was the first wide-spread display of Monty Are I’s new sound, encompassing both old tracks from previous EPs/unsigned recordings and new songs that produce the same style of originality.

“Break Through The Silence” continues their musical innovations by utilizing heavy guitar riffs, melodic string accompaniments, and various horn parts to create an addicting set of tracks sure to be stuck in your head for hours. Tracks such as “Hope,” “One In A Million,” “Sand Riders Doomsday,” and “Kaleidoscope” display some of the album’s catchiest choruses and musically original riffs that keep the listener in anticipation of what comes next. Monty Are I’s newest releases are a must-have, breath of fresh air for any fan of modern and alternative rock music.

Published Version : The Quad News 10/18/2009


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